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When you come out, say the words loud, “I am bi.”

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About how do you make sure you are a bisexual? How to come out? For these bisexual issues, I discuss it not only because of my job, but also for my fascination with the peculiar sexual desire of mankind. Straight male and female, lesbian, gay, or bisexual chatting, I am very curious and want to study. I love to know which genders, tangles and romantic behaviors turn to people. When I discuss my sexual behavior, I also like to see people's excitement. I think my confession of my sexuality helps to normalize the sexual desires of others. One thing I noticed in all the sex chatting is that, unlike gay and transgender people - often miss the big "moment of come out."
However, research from You Gov has illustrated that a growing number of millennial fall somewhere on the sexually fluid spectrum. In fact, roughly one third of US millennials and half of UK millennials say that they’re neither exclusively gay nor straight.
There are more people different from gay and transgender people. This is not good. In fact, I often talk to people who identify with gay or bisexuality (that is, they have sex with men and women), but they have never formally spoken - come out. Although they are good to me and their close friends know that they are polygamous, these people have never had a momentous "I am bi." 
This is especially true for older generations. I have chat bisexual with a friend who’s in his early 60’s. He said that when he was younger, going out to clubs and enjoy dating with men and women. Some people thought he was gay. Some folks thought he was straight. He just let people confused. He didn’t see any reason to correct them. He told me it never really bothered him.
Sometimes it's easy to make mistakes, but most of the times we make mistakes to get the right answers faster. I like the way we are taking steps to change society's way of treating LGBTQ communities, people of color, women and other marginalized groups. When the problem arises, it may be terrible, and which is an incredible empowerment. While it sounds stupid, this is a cliché: when you're out of the closet, the weight on your shoulders can be substantial. At that time, say "I am bi".
In this open era, we begin to have our great time. So do not deprive yourself of your important moment of come out, you owe it to yourself.

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