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Which dating scene you like?

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For bisexuals, the ability to dip the toes into the pool certainly has its advantages, but it can also be a bit confusing. How to choose to become a “straight” or “curved”? There has never been a big difference between "scenes," and everyone has a different scene for every scene, as the saying goes, there are a thousand Harry Potter because of a thousand viewers. Switching between individuals may be a shocking experience for bisexual single. Standing on the road to the two worlds, you have to make a choice. In theory, we are free to cross it as long as we like it. On the contrary, just like two cities, the towns of either side have different customs and cultures. If you choose either side, you will be heading for two completely different tracks.

Continuing with this metaphor, let us say that on the left side of the intersection we have a direct dating scene. All is pairing of boys and girls, and the town has millions of inhabitants. For many years, people have been talking about how good this town is and residents have children and are handed down from generation to generation. If you live in this town, you will get the same trajectory of life, from birth to death; have been written like a similar novel ending. If you choose the right town, then you have the chance to change. There are not only boy and girl pairing, but also there are boys and boys, girls and girls alike, and a few couple looking for woman (FFM threesome). You can choose and change. Choose one or the other and settle there. After the intersection is only a stage, what would you do to choose?

Of course, there is a third option that you can non-stop move in two cities. That means you will so tired and feel painful, so we do not advocate you to go this route. For bisexual men, most are considered by others as lascivious and irresponsible. If you take the lower three roads, then rumors do not know how to staged, unimaginable. So as a bystander, I suggest giving up the third way and choosing one from the two previous ways.

If bisexual dating becomes normalized, the tangled choice will cease. This is not an attitude adjustment at the individual level. Although this will promote such normalization, it is too slow and has little impact. It is imperative now that a radical change be made to the entire dating system, turning bisexual chatting into a serious dating event. So bisexuals can comfortably date each other, verify each other's struggles, and find the right match. The above two towns are a hypothesis, but this "normalization" existence overthrows the old assumption that you should date and choose one. The two cities and towns will eventually merge and no longer have a junction.

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