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People don't choose gay dating, straight dating, or bi dating. But that doesn't mean that we sometimes don't fade from one identity to another. For some people, this is more like a journey with multiple destinations. You may be at a certain crossroads and need to make a choice. You are not “on the road” somewhere; as long as you like it, you are somewhere and then you go somewhere else. However, the space between homosexuality and heterosexuality that many of us establish in our camps is constantly failing.
Many people work harder to establish themselves as "true" members of the gay community because bisexuality seems to be synonymous with lustfulness and randomness. We can't even agree on a common definition of bisexuality, so our identity is more illustrative than the easily digestible "gay" or "lesbian".
The meaningless stereotype is that we are not what we call us - before us homosexually or promised heterosexuality, we have already occupied the sex purgatory. This continues to see bisexuality as a stage of harmful warnings, and the gender of your long-term partner determines your “real” status that you are gay or lesbian.
But this is not how it works. If "phase" refers to "you were previously identified as homosexual", then heterosexuality is a more common stage than bisexuality. Despite this, the reputation of bisexuality is still poor. Even bisexuals are often discriminated against in the LGBT community, and the phenomenon has not been alleviated. But in the best Bi Chat Room, bisexual & gay & lesbian are treated equally.
35-year-old Gary* had a "moderate double body" at the age of 35. He is a part-time left-behind father and part-time security officer. He said he did not go to work and is not working for most of his friends and family. He said that his heterosexuality may be just a stage, so to speak, but it is not like the phrase "phased" as most people say, and not dismissing some of his life's years in some way.
"I don't think I'm always bisexual, either rejecting or avoiding or just not realizing it," Gary wrote to Mic in an e-mail. "I really think that I am just as direct as other people, and I gradually shift. Now I am not born now, but I am slowly moving to this place. I think this is not reasonable."

Perhaps you always ask yourself, "How do you make sure you are a bisexual?" Pierta Krabill, a 35-year-old librarian from southern Illinois, has been identified as bisexual, lesbian and queer at various times in her life since she appeared in her 20s.
Eventually Krabill met a man she was attracted to and then met another man who would become her husband. Today, she says, marking herself as queer or sexually fluid is the clearest way to describe how she experiences attractiveness. But this does not mean that twins or lesbians are not real. For Some important questions you must ask about bisexuals, you need to try it yourself.

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