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Some important questions you must ask about bisexuals

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There are a number of bisexuals in the world, but do all bisexuals feel happy? Obviously, the answer is negative. For bisexual chat, there is more and more confusion, just like getting lost in the desert, or feeling lonely in the crowd. Some question will be come out, are you ready?

Questions 1, why do some people still do not know this group of bisexuals?
According to the United States centers for disease control and prevention NHIS,Bisexuals in the United States account for less than 2%, and more bisexual women than bisexual men. So the question is understandable, if a person's life-circle is relatively small, and none of his friends is bisexuals. So he belongs to that 2%, if suddenly a friend suddenly said she was bisexual, and then this person will certainly have doubts, what is bisexual? On the other hand, we offer bisexual women are hard to come out than bisexual men, which reinforces the question.

Questions 2, why bisexuals are treated differently?
A recent survey found that almost half of bisexuals experience discrimination while enjoying LGBT services. They once want pretending to be heterosexual or gay, but they feel the heartbreak of receiving the staff's unmasking disgust and impatience. It’s a so bad question. May be because of these uninformed opinions, give a misleading to most people who think bisexual people are very debauched and all them are like threesome chat. It is true that bisexuals are attracted to people of both sexes, but they will spend different time with the person they love most, not dating a man and a woman at the same time.

Questions 3, why there are more cases of bisexual women being attacked, abuses by their partners?
According to a 2010 study, bisexual women are twice as likely to be attacked by their sexual partners as lesbians and straight women. The fact is really alarming and needs to be publicized and dealt with. For bisexual girls, it is important to choose secure online site to chat. Bisexual chatting is a very secure bisexual dating site that offers high quality membership and privacy protection. If you need, click it.


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