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How do you make sure you are a bisexual?bisexual chat


That's for sure you've entered the bisexual chat site, can you determine if you're bisexual or not? As a special group of society, Bisexual is a part of "LGBT". Bisexuals always have to face more and more difficult problems which cannot be sensed by the others. For example, when a gay coming out, he might think that he is a gay, but don't know whether he is a bisexual. If he falls in love with a woman, is he gay or bisexual? This is a common problem that a bisexual person will encounter, a problem that always confuses them. For bisexuals, finding the right way to solve puzzles and finding mistakes can be found. As the saying goes, if you refuse to face an error, the truth will be shut out. There are some tips to solve the question.

Tip 1: how to tell if you're lesbian

# You've never had a crush or a crush on a guy most women would like

# You hate physical contact with men

# You are interested in women and want to contact women.

# You want to spend your life with a woman

# There are only two kinds of people in your world. One is the one who can socialize, and one is the other

If you are satisfied with these five points, you must be lesbian. When you are filled with hope, you feel that you are courageous and powerful enough to cope with any future troubles, just for a woman. If you're thinking about where you belong now, the term "lesbian" is right for you.

Tip 2: how to tell if you are bisexual (in women)

# Think that you only love women, but there are always men who give you courtship signals. Like to live with a woman and have a man's pursuit at the same time.

# You want to have physical contact with a woman and be curious about a man's body

# Be curious about FFM threesome or like more some date.

Maybe you've ever fallen in love with a man or a woman. When you start thinking about where you belong, you think of two genders. Both sexes can attract you, so the word bisexual is right for you.

The important thing
Bisexual chatting is your best choice for dating, no matter you are bi, lesbian, gay.


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